Vegan Menudo with Snow Fungus

by Vegan Phoodie

There is soup and then there’s Menudo, varying slightly across the regions of Mexico, this dish is seriously one that needs no introduction. I recently went viral on TikTok with my variation of Vegan Menudo using Snow Mushrooms. I made sure I stayed true to the flavors, texture, and aroma whilst completely veganizing the traditional Mexican dish I had growing up.

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Snow Fungus Mushroom

Strange as snow fungus may look there is a certain beauty to these unique mushrooms. Used all over Asia the gelatinous snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) is used in many dishes both sweet and savory, and served both hot and cold. Snow fungus is also touted for being an immune booster, heart health improver, and wildly nourishing for the skin. Being unique in it’s class of mushrooms snow fungus is one of the only sources of plant-based collagen known today.

If you’ve had menudo before you’re already familiar with the collagen rich gelatinous properties of the classic dish and can see how this mushroom works so well delivering on a  perfect nutritional replacement for honeycomb tripe.

Regardless if you’re a menudo newbie or would like to try something then maybe a little deviation from traditional dish I assure you you won’t regret giving this delicious vegan menudo recipe a try, just a reminder like most things this menudo taste even better the next day…enjoy!

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